Lansas iPlug®

What if your Pipe plug can tell you more? Lansas introduces a smart plug which can tell where it is, how often it has been used, what his performance is and when it needs to be serviced.


The Lansas iPlug has a built-in intelligence to read the operating environment in which it is used. This smart plug has sensors to measure various variables such as pressure and temperature and additionally reports its location.

Not only is it possible to collect the damages reports, with this new technology customer will be able to pay-per-use.

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The data science revolution has come to stay. Even in pipe plugs their is a lot of data to collect. But much more important is what we can do with this data. We have succeeded in being the first pipe plug manufacturer to translate this data into relevant and useful information. 

Damage reports

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Pay-per-use (PPU)

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