Lansas iPlug - features

By adding smart technology to the iPlug, the status of the pipe plug can easily be determined.

Damage Reports

The app reports which iPlug is damaged and collects all relevant data such as filling pressure, temperature and pipe diameter. You can also easily upload images of the damaged item. Damage settlement has never been so easy.

> Foto website damage report

Track & Trace

Not only get an overview of your entire fleet at any time, in detail via Google Maps and live location on your desktop or app, but also get insight into the weekly history of your assets. Or take advantage of other advanced features such as waiting times, fill rates and trips. 


PPU transfers the risks of ownership and the responsibility of maintaining the product to the company as part of the offering. The cost of products and services becomes more accessible and transparent to customers because there is no large initial payment required for simple access. Instead, it’s a flexible, easy to monitor monthly cost, based on actual usage.