High performance Pipe Plugs

Lansas manufactures pipe plugs and packer systems. Products where long experience and know-how come together.

For more than 70 years, Lansas has been a leading manufacturer of pipe Plugs and Disc Plugs. Products where long experience and know-how come together. Plugs that are now manufactured by means of a highly efficient and modern production process and at the same time synonymous for craftsmanship.

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We develop with a state-of-art robot

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Lansas, modern production, traditional craftmanshap

High-quality products of consistent quality can only be produced in a modern production environment. Our production is highly automated whereas for the materials used traditional craftsmanship is still leading. The machinery combines speed and quality in a unique way into our production process.

This allows us to respond flexibly to customer requirements without compromising Lansas’ key drivers: safe, flexible and sustainable.