• Sustainable
  • Flexible
  • Safe
The SSTD-system can prevent accidents in sewers related to failure of sewer plugs and to elevated back-pressures. SSTD-system is an online system which works through the internet. No special software needed, runs on every smartphone, tablet or computer. Each user can access his job through our web portal. Every client will receive his own specific login - only own job sites will be visible.

Continuous verification of the inflation pressure of 2 sewer plugs simultaneously. Continuous verification of the backpressure in the pipe. In case the user-defined limit values are exceeded, users will be warned by an instant text message or email. Also, the SSTD-case will generate a visual/acoustic alarm. All values are automatically saved in the cloud. It is possible to generate reports of each parameter.

Product overview

Ref. Lansas Description Max. pressure (bar) Weight Length (mm)